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The Roar of a Dragon

"I loved the plot twist (at the end). I felt that it ended on a great cliffhanger and readers will eagerly await a sequel." -- Sapphira White, editor at Rowanvale Books, commenting on The Roar of a Dragon

Great introduction for a new writer!

5 stars!

"Birth of a new author!  Character development, story line, a few squiggles in the road - it's all in there!"  -- Dawn Mohan, Amazon review for The Roar of a Dragon

5 stars!

"Up and coming author with a brilliant mind! Normally I do not have the attention span to read, but Robert wrote such a captivating book that I finished it within a matter of 4 days (in between taking care of my children and my 4 year old granddaughter). I look forward to more..." -- Lisa Brown

4/5 stars!

" The characters were chosen with care to complete the story. The main character was good because of the trials and tribulations. Adding the Dragon was cherry on a fine dessert. I look forward to future books." -- Gregory K. Chong

5 stars!

"A great read - love the characters, the plot line kept me reading late into the night.  Hopeing for a 2nd book!" -- Nathan H.

5 stars!

The Roar is great and will be heard around the world.

"I love watching him grow, and he is growing still. I can't wait for the next installment and see where it takes him..." -- Donald Eugene Leas, Amazon review

5 stars!  Awesome

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It kept me up all night until I finished reading. Can't wait for more in the series." -- Joseph P. Interrante, Amazon review

5 stars!  Loved it

"Really enjoyed this one, looking forward to more adventures from this group of players. Also looking forward to new story lines and characters terms" -- Granny Bumble, Amazon review

5 stars!  I really liked this book

"I really liked this book, good fantasy to get lost in. I look forward to reading more by this author. I could envision the characters and found odd points of humor as well as an ending I liked." -- Lady Wolf, Amazon review

The Treachery of a Weasel

4/5 stars!  Very good read

"I enjoyed this story. As good as book one. A very emotional book. 41/2 stars." -- Terapya

5 stars!  Great book

"Amazing ... keeps you wanting to read more." -- Crystal

5 stars!  He continues to grow 

"Facing new challenges, new emotions and new questions Aidan continues to grow. Enjoyed the journey and like to see more from the author." -- Dawn M. Mohan

Other testimonials

"Different and beautiful." -- Wini B. Solomons

"I like the story, I like the mood, and I'm digging the way you write." -- Rale Miller
Fellow authors, both speaking on my short story "Judging Books"

"I just finished reading The Price of Revenge.  Very suspensful!"  -- Betty J Vallieu

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