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Here you will learn about my books and stories, their characters, and any future projects.  Here you will explore new worlds, born from the depths of my mind--an unsettling thought, even to me. 

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Artwork by Max Cartwright, Rowanvale Books



The Roar Of A Draon book cover

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Aidan is on the cusp of becoming the youngest knight in Delmar's long history when he is exiled for helping a baby dragon and brutally murdered.

For Aidan, death was only the beginning.

He wakes up three thousand years later, watched over by the very same dragon he saved.  He is horrified by his ghastly appearance and unstable magical powers.  The world is overrun by evil that originated in Delmar not long after Aidan's death.  With the help of a time-traveling wizard apprentice, Aidan must travel back to his own time and set things right.

But after his bitter exile, does he really want to?

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Award - R
Literary Titan Silver Book Award.png

"Prepare for a rich, wide-eyed experience! ... As I loved the characters and the electric storyline, I recommend The Roar of a Dragon to all fantasy fans out there."

"The book is an incredible read, and you’ll easily move through the story quickly with anticipation for the subsequent development. The Roar of the Dragon is entertaining and well structured, detailing Aidan’s ability to face and conquer various levels of conflict in a unique fantasy world."

"The Roar of a Dragon is a wholesome story that surprised me with the twist and turns. When you think this book is predictable, the author Robert Blanchard takes a turn everything changes."


TTOAW front cover 10.jpg

Aidan, Iskandor, and their friends continue their quest to stop Sirak from transforming everyone in the world into the dreaded, mindless Ther-lor.  But the disappearance of a companion drives Aidan to near-insanity and derails his plans,

Can Aidan and company conquer this obstacle and continue on their path to stop the evil Sirak?

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Award - R

"The way Robert Blanchard combines empathy, love, forgiveness, villainy, friendship, and politics with a thrilling, hair-raising plot had me panting for more." 


The final chapter of The Roar of a Dragon trilogy!  What personal demons is Derrick facing after his deep, personal loss?  Why is King Baladir sending Aidan and the companions through very dangerous terrain to retrieve a magical item?  And finally, the final battle against Sirak and the Ther-lor--how can they possibly win?  And who will survive?

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Award - R



All We Have Left

The year is 2020.  America is torn apart by civil war - the government against the people.  The country is now in an apocalyptic state, destroyed by the war.


It is in this hellish environment that a group of teenagers stuggle to survive.  They must find shelter before they join the millions of Americans who have perished across the country.

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