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The Cry of a Raven is out now!!!  Get yours today and witness the epic conclusion to The Roar of a Dragon trilogy!

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Award - R

"Robert Blanchard brings us the wildest and most intense book in his highly captivating series, and its intensity matches that of the Game of Thrones series." 


About me

I grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY, and I still reside in the Upstate New York area.  I have two awesome boys, 18 and 12, and a beautiful woman that I fought for ten years to get back.  I suffer from severe depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and PTSD, so everyday is a struggle, but I fight to move forward fearlessly every single day.  I love my life, and I love my work, and I love to share my work with people.  I suffer from the defect of being a male, but miraculously, I know how to cook and clean!  Making phone calls and folding shirts is still a struggle though. 

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